Warmsworth residents sitting comfortably with Ben Bailey support

FOR more than 30 years the residents of the Doncaster community of Warmsworth have been able to enjoy a moment of rest thanks to a community benches that were provided with the support of a grant by well known local builders Ben Bailey.

The Warmsworth Environmental Group benches became a much-used central feature of Warmsworth life, continuing long after the original Ben Bailey brand had gone.

But the Ben Bailey name is now back - a part of the Conroy Brook Group - and the company has recently completed work on the The Halt, a selection of 19 three and four bedroom family homes on the site of the former Warmsworth Reservoir.

And to show their continued support for the community, the Ben Bailey team has given a donation to the Warmsworth Environmental Group to provide two new benches in the same spot, on the approach to the new development.

“We were delighted when the Warmsworth Environmental Group approached us about supporting their valuable work,” said Ben Bailey Sales Director Jon Bailey.

“We take great pride in supporting the communities we are working in and we know the new benches will be appreciated by the people of Warmsworth.

“The Environmental Group are a small active group of volunteers working around Warmsworth to improve the environment for all residents and as our development brings new families into the community, we feel their work is deserving of everybody’s support.”

Launched in 1937 by Ben Bailey himself, Mexborough-based Ben Bailey Plc was Yorkshire's largest independent house builder, developing more than 700 homes a year when acquired by Gladedale in 2007.

Following the takeover and a subsequent rebrand, the Ben Bailey name disappeared completely from the construction industry.

But it made a comeback after it was acquired by award-winning West Yorkshire property developer Conroy Brook.

Picture shows (standing left to right) Warmsworth Parish council handyman Rob Rothewell, Jon Bailey of Ben Bailey, Parish Councillor and environment group leader Christine Pattison and (seated) environment group volunteers Dave Paxton and Sue Phillips